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That's easy. Either insert the dongle in to the VM via the USB emulation facility - which generally works fine, or alternatively use hardware passthrough to expose the entire USB controller/subset of the ports to the VM. That will work reliably.

Note that if a passthrough is performed of the built in USB ports, or a multifunction adapter, rather than a single function adapter, the results may not be as expected.

Say there are six ports, and a PCI(-e) device list shows 00:1a.0, 00:1a.1, 00:1a.2, 00:1f.0,00:1f.1, and 00:1f.2 it might be expected that passing 00:1a to the VM will provide three ports. It doesn't necessarily work that way - it'll probably be either one or five ports, as each controller handles USB1,2 and 3+ all bundled up in the same set of resources.

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