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"You are just paying the Cupertino tax on top."

That's just it. The tech might well be as good or better that Apple's - the "made in china" is not relevant; however, "not made by Apple" is. Not sure who's prepared to pay top-of-the-line flagship prices (for what may well be a top-of-the-line flagship indeed) in 2016 for a phone that isn't bought for its brand, unless you simply must have the absolute bleeding edge and nothing less will do. Do Huawei now have a reality distortion field of their own that I haven't heard of yet? Because if they don't, the whole impetus of the recent Conquest of the Cheap Chinese Phone (CCCP) hinges on it being significantly cheaper at comparable functionality - which of course this phone isn't.

Are you willing to pay a proper Cupertino tax for a non-Cupertino phone just because it's supposed to be even faster?

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