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I sympathise about "sold by x, fulfilled by Amazon" as I use this facility myself. Sometimes it's just a rubbish product though - I have had some genuine USB sticks that have "just failed". Integral brand - not going to buy them again.

If you could point out a camera that has multiple card slots used in RAID mode, I will go out and buy a dozen.

There seem to be several with dual slots, and although none have "RAID", I suspect that a simple backup could be the answer you need. For example, the Nikon D7100.

To quote from the manual (p69):

"When two memory cards are inserted in the camera, [...there are several options, including...] Backup (each picture is recorded twice, once to the card in Slot 1 and again to the card in Slot 2),"

I know that there are Canon and Pentax models with dual slots, probably others too. Dual slots started with video cameras I think, though it was often a twin hard drive and often used simply to increase continuous recording time, along with dual battery slots.


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