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Actually, I'm on my second Huawei, an Honor 6 which I bought at the start of 2015.

OK, so they aren't the prettiest machines ever made and they do insist on using that EMUI thing to try to make it look like an iPhone (or there's a screen that switches it so that it looks like a WinPhone) but they work.

My Ascend G330 is in its third year and is still good enough to act as a backup should I need it. The fact that it made it comfortably through two years' use was what persuaded me to go for another, hence the Honor 6.

I bought mine based on the fact that so many of the high end phones are cutting various features off their phones. My current phone will take an SD card and the battery lasts quite a long time (a couple of days depending on what I do with it).

The fact that the battery isn't removable wasn't a deal killer for me given the price, but it can be for quite a few phones - consider that the phone is effectively bricked once the battery cannot take a charge unless you can figure out a way in and can find a replacement.

Actually, my biggest gripe with Huawei is that it is bloody awful when it comes to OS support. You might get an update (actually I got a complete new UI skin and a few changes some months ago) but you can whistle for any updates when it comes to Android itself. They're not alone in that, but it's worth calling them out on it, especially considering the sheer number of new models they seem to produce each year.

That's why I'm a little dubious about this new Mate.

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