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Which would probably be why they said "it would be beyond the capability of most would-be burglars with access to no more than basic electronic tools like wire strippers, a multi-meter, and crocodile clips".

Are you arguing that most burglars would be capable of this? That would strongly go against the available evidence.

Burglary and car theft have very different risks and rewards, which you seem to have ignored in your analogy/comparison.

You can almost entirely work out the security system on a car just by the model and year. There is very little variation. Not possible with a home alarm. It's easy for criminals to identify and target cars like this.

Once you have bypassed the security system on most modern cars, that's it. You can open the door and start the engine. Not so with a house - bypass the alarm, and you still need to deal with physical security.

Most burglaries don't result in a good reward of a known value. You might get £500, you might get £5k. Lift a high-end car, and you will be looking at a lot more.

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