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"But who cares about security in a security system...

...Oh. Now I get it."

Well, yeah, my point exactly. We've all been used, here, to utter shite security for any IoT gadgets (light bulbs, others) that normally kind of stay in the local LAN, even if local WIFI is something to be defined (radio can last a long way). So, yeah, IoT security = bollocks is now granted.

But here, this is not IoT gadgets for me, this is a SECURITY system, for pro and home use ! For which there is, indeed, uses cases of remote usage, through public networks (call/signal/inform someone) !

And they screw up so badly (lol, base64 encoding security), and spin it so badly ...

I'd be a criminal, I'd start to organise burglar teams lke this:

- cyber-intruders, central team, instructing burglars on where and when go

- local burglars, local teams

Can't loose vs. those morons ...

Anon, as I don't want any copyright on the above.

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