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But an alarm siren at earsplitting volume *inside* the house, coupled with flashing xenon strobe lights will make the burglar's job that much more difficult and exact a just toll on the bastards.

None of which needs an internet connection. Remote controls to the house are just another way for technology to interrupt me when I'm doing my life. My alarm calls the rozzers by itself. Let them deal with the situation and tell me about it when I get back from dinner.

Catching the person who blocks your driveway with bins doesn't require an internet connection either.

If you can't remember to set your alarm when you go out, there's no guarantee you'll remeber to check it over the web either.

And if you can't trust your partner with a kill code for your alarm system, you have issues the internet won't fix.

Admit it, Internet of Burgalar Alarms fanboys, you want it because it is shiny, not because it is useful. Don't come crying to El Reg when villains in stripped jerseys and masks hack your front door and have it away with your flatscreen and dolby 7.1 Surroundsound setup.

The NSA will have your killcode every time you use it too. At least they have to send a van with a cable TV imposter with a trad setup.

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