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I refuse to put an alarm bell on my house. They are pointless, loud, annoying, and... totally ignored. Thus they are useless, even in a friendly neighbourhood. Every time an alarm goes off in my street (and it happens enough that I know this), it's completely ignored. Car. House. Doesn't matter.

So my house alarm just texts me instead. Then I can login and look at the cameras from home. Motion detection on such a setup is pointless and distracting, so there's no point relying on movement being detected in order to alert me. But a door opening, or a window breaking, that means something happened. Possibly. Like the way that the CCTV motion detection going off could mean that it's a bit windy in the garden, the door magnet going off could just be a windy door banging on the latch or a PIR being set off by the cat.

But with a remote control system, I am able to be alerted. I am then able to make a decision, based on the alerts and other remote-accessible data (like cameras, alarm trigger logs, etc.). Then... guess what... IF I SUSPECT a burglary, I can set the house alarm off remotely. And alert the police directly. Or phone the neighbours. Or drive straight home. Or not.

Without a remote home alarm? My alarm would go off, people would all ignore it, and I'd know nothing until I got home. Does having a remotely-controlled alarm put me at a disadvantage or provide an avenue into my home? No. Because it's properly designed and thought out. Hell, even the CCTV can detect if it's being obscured or cut and alert me, because I know for a fact that the CCTV on its own is next to useless to actually preventing the crime.

But a remote home alarm? There's a ton of uses. And it doesn't have to provide avenues for a burglar, or insecure access to your home.

(The other day I found out which damn delivery driver it is who keeps pulling my bins across the front of my driveway so that I can't get my car in without stopping in the road. Because walking into the garden sends an alert and flags the cameras to record, and my home cameras are set up on my monitor at work (and, no, you can't DO anything, just see the camera over a VPN connection))

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