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>>"It serves to prove that you really can fool most of the people most of the time."

Things I can do with an Internet connected security system that I can't do with an old-fashioned one:

* Check that I set it after I've left home.

* Enable it if I find I need to later on (e.g. if I did forget).

* Disable it if I need to (e.g. my partner returns when I'm not around / I want my neighbour to check on something for me / I have a delivery or service person I want to enter my home whilst I'm at work)

* Be notified immediately on my phone that it has been triggered and take appropriate actions such as calling the police / turning the alarm off if it's a false alarm or it's done it's job and I want to stop driving the neighbours crazy / logging into cameras in the home to see what's happened)

* Have more than a rudimentary All or Nothing approach to my home security. (E.g. different access levels for different people / ability to amend these on the fly as needed).

Of course, feel free to mock it as an example of how you can fool most of the people most of the time (you've mangled the quote, btw).

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