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Apple coughs up $350m – 2.3 days of annual profit – to make Italy's taxmen go away

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Cheers Alessio

"Apple is not the first to have coughed up, guess will not be the last.".

I hope so too.

Apparently "Italy" was able to convince Apple that some profit was actually made in Italy and not all of the 200bn in Ireland. You know how the Italians are prone to fashion.

I believe the IRS have slightly similar feelings about it too. Then, of course, I would guess there are some shareholders who argue that some of that profit belongs to them. One could even argue that some people working for Apple feel some of that money should have magically trickled down to them. Nothing new here the only people allowed to loot the company are at the top of the company. Perhaps there is some odd logic/balance to it as the same people are also able to destroy the company.

I was very impressed with my Apple Computer II+ and the only software I hate to admit I did not invent was VisiCalc (not invented by Apple by the way, nor was the microcomputer.) Damn it, those where the days when actually new was invented, at least compared to rounded corners.

And while Jobs was half a crook, half mad, half disgusting, half an Arab and to American standards half white, there was that other half that was superb. Compare that to the Republican presidential candidates with only the mad part.

I can also admit that when the iPhone appeared I had to finger it for several minutes, never bought one and the odd thing is that if I today pulled an iPhone out of my pocket I would feel stupid. Things change, brands also. I could still accept a Apple laptop as quality hardware if I put Linux on it

However what I wanted to write about was about bribery, please be careful with that word.

Transparency International does indeed put Italy at number 69 while the UK is at number 14 and the USA at number 17. The top ten are as expected.

The problem for all of us is that if we start to compare us always to the less good then we start to loose track of the reality, the reality of where we are as there is always somebody worse than us.

If you start to feel that all men envy you and all women love you then, behind your back, world plus dog will fuck your girlfriend/wife.

I need a new year soon, and a happy one for all of us.

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