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"Your repeated prison fantasies are both bizarre and unwelcome."

Can I quote that in court this month? I've got a date with a sheriff who thinks he's Judge Dredd.

I just watched an episode of Alias Smith and Jones with the wrong actor and have lost the will to go on the run.

I pasted all my old 2000ADs onto bus-shelters in chronological order, and then I found a cartoon version of this classic online, so I printed and pasted it too. It occurs to me now that this may be the longest sentence in Sci-Fi, and perhaps the most terrifying:

It was just like what they did to Winston Smith in "1984," which was a book none of them knew about, but the techniques are really quite ancient, and so they did it to Everett C. Marm, and one day quite a long time later, the Harlequin appeared on the communications web, appearing elfish and dimpled and bright-eyed, and not at all brainwashed, and hesaid he had been wrong, that it was a good, a very good thing indeed, to belong, and be right on time hip-ho and away we go, and everyone stared up at him on the public screens that covered an entire city block, and they said to themselves, well, you see, he was just a nut after all, and if that's the way the system is run, then let's do it that way, because it doesn't pay to fight city hall, or in this case, the Ticktockman.

Bus-shelters are the worst form of time-travel.

It starts with a great quote from Thoreau's On Civil Disobedience, but here is a more appropriate quote for the daftie above:

"Under a government which imprisons any unjustly, the true place for a just man is also a prison."

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