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Different sides of the same coin

Remember when Ralph Nader was threatening John Kerry's (ultimately failed) campaign in 2004? Instead of fighting Nader with better ideas, the Kerry campaign -- supported by the Democratic Party Politburo -- sued the Nader campaign to get him off the ballots in key states. The time and money Nader's campaign had to waste fighting the suits diminished his ability to present his ideas to the voters. On the Republican Party side we had the "Swift Boaters," trying to undermine Kerry's Vietnam War record. In other words, neither party gives a damn about the country, they're only interested in seizing control of it.

What gripes me is the American media's obsession with Trump. In a Sanders-Trump contest, polls suggest a Sanders win; and Clinton is also predicted to beat Trump. So why bother with Trump, if he can't win? Simply because he's a blowhard? People got degrees in journalism to tout that loser? Arrrgh. Where's some good-old anarchy when you need it?

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