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Why do I stick with my WinPhone...

I am using an Android for some development work for an app and it uses Bluetooth. Well, BT can be flaky and rubbish sometimes but the Android phone I am using (Moto 4E) is atrocious.

As I have mentioned before, UI pop-ups for BT pairing etc. end up hidden, trusted device popups likewise. You don't know that you are supposed to go somewhere else.

But I am here to tell you about the god-awful volume control issues. The BT connects and the sound is now A2DP over the connected device . Oh, it is too loud, reduce the BT volume on the phone, good.

10 seconds later, use the UI, change radio station (for it is a radio app) and boom, the BT is at full volume again.

It turns out that this happens with the regular volume too. Not only that but it doesn't remember the BT volume differently for different BT device as my WinPhone does. It could be the app but it doesn't seem reasonable

Add to that that the Low Energy is a pain to make connect etc. where I have minimal issues with iOS and WInPhone for that matter and the whole thing leaves me cold.

And, the worst parrt of all, the UI audio feedback is sent over A2DP when connected, which means it affects the device connected. This is definitely not what one would want at all. I was forced to disable all UI feedback to use the app seriously at all.

Awful, horrible, unbearable, don't know how people get by using it. Presumably, the same way that all iPhone users I see in cars tapping away on their phone while driving - they just don't use Bluetooth apparently.

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