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Windows 10 won't come to old WinPhones until some time in early 2016

Paul Shirley

Re: All Win Phones or just all Nokia/Microsoft phones?

Nokia/MS devices are effectively *all shipped* WP phones, with negligible sales of anything else.

I've always believed tier 1 OEMs are building WP phones because their sealed Android patent agreements with MS either explicitly require it, or 'voluntarily' supporting WP reduces the licensing fees on Android. Without that carrot|stick I think they would all have abandonned it the moment MS got into bed with Nokia.

MS have mismanaged WP from day 1, simultaneously complacent about everyone loving whatever they threw out the door and equally complacent about their ability to force compliance on an industry they have little leverage in. Seems even with Ballmer gone the wishful (or should that be magical) thinking continues.

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