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IT infrastructure on demand? Yeah right, say devs

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If your business thinks that 8 hours or even a week is reasonable notice you're doing things wrong. If you have some project that requires resources then the time to bring operation into the planning is at the start along with everyone else.

Having said that I have been in the situation of arriving at work one morning and being grabbed by the data input team because they had several temps just arrived to enter data for which no software existed because it hadn't even been mentioned to anybody in IT. And another instance when my first meeting with the project team was a day or so before go-live - fortunately I'd heard about that one on the grape-vine & although I hadn't done any coding I'd thought it through & realised it wasn't difficult. Those were exceptions because usually I and my team had good working relations with the rest of the business and because, in those far off days, we did S/W, DBA & Unix admin as a single team we didn't get into the sort of face-offs implied by this report.

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