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Because Obama the traitor, lied to the American people from the first moment he opened his mouth about every topic he's ever brought up. Obama does not like this country and has done nothing but divide it since he became president.

He violated his oath of office, is still attempting to ruin this country financially, kowtows to foreign leaders, defamed previous presidents and elected officials, interfered with the Military and the rules of engagement helping to kill many of our soldiers, kissed the ass of Putin and the Ayatollah, is responsible for the mess in Syria, Libya and Iraq and soon will be in Afghanistan, violated the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, lied to the American people about the "Syrian Refugees" calling them "Widows and Orphans" when it is quite clear in the video from European news that over 30% of these so called refugee's are military age men, refuses to call these terrorists what they are and disallows DHS DOJ, FBI CIA etc to call them what they are which is "Islamic Terrorists".

Oh and backpedaled and lied like hell when he found out that the "Domestic Terrorists" in San Bernardino California were really Islamic Murderers and that one of them had already been "vetted" the same way this dolt suggests we would check the backgrounds of these same "Syrian Refugees".

Funny how just looking at her Farcebook postings of a few years ago would have shown she was a jihadi, but that Obama again, he decreed that DHS and OPM can't examine someone's Farcebook history when doing a background check.

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