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Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban

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Lets just take a moment to remember, you voted for 4 more years of bush...

That's what scares me about America. Every president they've had since Regan has found a way to dig deep and be somehow worse.

The Bush's and Clintons playing Hatfields & McCoys over the whitehouse is very tiresome; Both families have had more than enough time in that building, and neither clan has improved the lot of their average citizen. Obama hasn't really achieved anything either - his primary achievement is not being GWB, who was the worst president America ever had.

And that's where things become dangerous, because not being a Hatfield or McCoy is a trick The Donald is also able to pull. It's looking like a two horse race between Hillary and Trump, and not unreasonably a great number of Americans may take the view that Hillary has already had her eight years in the gaff.

The world deserves better than this America. You deserve better than this.

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