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Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban

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It's just that I've followed some of the other petitions on that site, and I know how incredibly hard the campaigners have had to work to get those signature numbers to the magic 100,000, how long it takes, and how heartbreaking it is for a genuine wide-appeal cause to fail to get there in six months.

This petition has only been live since Tuesday. I'd really love to think my fellow-Britons are that engaged in international politics but I have to admit that it seems just as likely that one of my fellow-Britons might be a person with a lively sense of humour, a certain level of development competence, a copy of the electoral roll, and a lot of throwaway email addresses.

I just wondered if anyone knew how the numbers were validated, if the ips are checked and so on. Maybe it is just that everyone's doing it.

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