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Are you insane?

In the US the FBI suppose to leave no stone unturned to capture a person or a group who kills more than once, and/or crosses state lines, or whatever...

I trust the agents will do the same the person was any race, color or religion

I trust it would act the exact same in the case the suspect were a group etc..

The law is probably much dated, hard to interpret, unforgiving, rigid. Offers no chances to deal, to compromise, a very unpolitical and unsocial institution. It makes a decent effort to be as blind as justice is, but it is not certifiable.

So not knowing the law will not exclude you for any reason, on any grounds... you must be a 5-years old or a retard if you miss the spirit of the law. Therefore I have no respect for anyone who believes that ancient law is wrong just because of the time passed, or a new law is right just because the time passed, or the spirit of the law is subject to his or her intellectual capacity to circumvent it or simply by-pass it.

There, if you are wrong and you do not realize you are wrong it is not because the law missed it, or you are out-smarted it/ It is because your fundamental values are rotten, and nothing is going to change that.

If you are a politician this is a disaster. You should have stayed a writer, a poet, a business person - whatever made you a success and powerful - but... public service is not for you.

Unless of course you are certifiably mental - simply insane and nobody has a clue what you are going to do next

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