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Didn't mean to imply you were although reading it I guess it did, I was making a point about similar laws being ignored in one book and not the other. Sampling bias and a cognitive disconnect between one religion being able to ignore certain laws and another being seen as not ever being able to.

I live in the UK, I have lived in many areas with muslims and no I can't. I can see there are some fundamentalists that are causing every muslim to be tarred with the same brush but I haven't seen any massive uprising going on from our native populace, have you then?

I also grew up in London during the eighties, you would not believe the amount of times as a kid I have been evacuated from a shop because of a bomb scare, it got boring, (although I do feel uncomfortable if I see a left bag at a train station, all those signs you'd see on the underground gets to you) By your reasoning I should fear the Irish.

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