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Aaah clever yes of course good answer, growing up in the part of London I did just down the road from Green Street a.k.a Little India I do remember all the beheadings and bombings, how I laughed that one day as I walked down the road my Indian friend shouted "Dr Livingston I presume?", its memorable for the massive mob that tried to run me down and give me a good stoning for being kaffir. I may be lying there but it's a good story, (The Dr Livingston bits true though).

Percentage dunno mate and I am guessing you don't really either. But considering the school I went to had a fair mix, and not just Indian and Pakistani persuasion, Libyan, Iraqis, Phillipinos, Afro-Carribean etc, and having my drinking years around places like there, Bethnal Green etc I can tell you the most dangerous demographic was drunk young white guy.

I've worked with people from various faiths, hell joked with Muslims about being kaffir when they go for their Friday prayers, still not gonna turn down their wifes cooking for fear of poisoning. Stayed on mostly mulsim islands in Asia, never felt they were trying to kill me either.

There's only one I worked with who I thought was fundamentalist and frankly they were pretty mentalist about a lot of things.

As a percentage I dunno, from those I have met 1 out of a lot, probably less than 1% then I guess.

I think really your answer should be, 5)some of them are known for this and it makes it less complicated for me to fear them all, tell me do you equate all Christians with the Westbro Church?

Not A/C in the slightest....

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