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Actually I would say I was an Agnostic numpty with a leaning towards atheism.

OK some questions.

1. If the old testament is crock, why? what justification did you have for ignoring that bit of the word of god? Surely you shouldn't select what suits you?

2. How do you know all muslims are following that fundamentalist bent from the Koran? have you interviewed them all? I ask this because from my limited sample of muslims I have met, a lot don't.

3. Do you think that other religions can't grow an adapt?

4. What makes yours the best religion?

5. I didn't think Jews followed the new testament either and that it is also effectively the same, how comes we are not running from them?

Also I know he said temporary until they sort out whats going on, first start would be realising that this is sort of what ISIS want, polarising people to cause conflict. So not only do I think it's a bit racist but I think its also not very astute on a world stage, (works fine though if appealing to a certain mindset to get the votes though).

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