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Triggerfish, FYI....

The Old Testament of the Bible and the Koran are effectively considered the same story and cover most of the same topics and characters.

Only the New Testament is considered the work that the "Hippie Jesus" (IE Modern Christianity) is responsible for.

However, I wouldn't think that all you Brit atheists, numpty's and Muslims would quite understand the difference.

Trump is not old testament fundamentalist Christian. However, ALL Muslims are old Testament fundamentalist Muslims. There is no Hippie Allah.

On the other hand, you P.C. numpty's are all bent out of shape and you don't even comprehend that Donald Trump actually said the ban on new muslims entering this country would be temporary like the ban that ex President Jimmy Carter did when he was president.

You wouldn't know that because YOUR news outlets conveniently left that out of many of their broadcasts.

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