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Ah, the old "free speech as long as we agree with it" policy

"Oh no! Someone said something that offends me! Ban him! On no account must I ever be exposed to viewpoints that stress me! Trigger warnings! Safe spaces! Microaggressions!"

The solution to "offensive" speech - and remember, everyone's definition of "offensive" is slightly different - is not to ban it. That just feeds the mentality of martyrdom and victimhood.

Instead, provide better counter arguments. Let Trump's viewpoints be heard, as widely as possible. Argue cogently against them - again, as widely as possible. Provide clear & concrete examples of why his suggestions wouldn't work. Hint: it should be very easy to do so, if he's as wrong and deluded as you think he is.

If you just drop the ban-hammer on viewpoints you don't like, it only makes people think "hmm, there must have been something valid in that argument..."

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