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Enraged Brits demand Donald Trump UK ban


All you treehuggers need to look at the numbers.

I actually agree with Trump. Maybe if Europe could stop blindly hugging trees for a moment and look at whats really going on, they'd be keeping Muslims out too.

The Qu'ran clearly says (multiple times) that in order to be a good Muslim you must (not just should, MUST) conduct Jihad, Its not even open to interpretation.

This study: found that 7% of all muslims already in the US say that suicide bombings are sometimes justified and 1% say they are often justified.

It also found that in several countries, a quarter or more of Muslims say that these acts of violence are at least sometimes justified, including 40% in the Palestinian territories, 39% in Afghanistan, 29% in Egypt and 26% in Bangladesh.

Those percentages equate to a friggin large number of people that think killing innocent US/EU civilians is justfied, and right now they can pretty much walk right into the EU and US.

Maybe if you morons who are all morally outraged by Trumps suggestion would just stop being led by the nose by the hippie leftist media, and actually checked for yourselves how big the scope of this problem actually is, you might agree that doing something tangible to protect yourselves is actually more important than inadvertently offending some illegals. If people worried more about their own safety than some ridiculous sense of political correctness then maybe the next Paris-like terror attack might actually be stopped before it happens.

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