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I would happily let president Trump in. I would make sure every official and MP he deals with is of a darker skin persuasion and chuck in some atheists for good measure.

Kicking down PC sand castles is one thing, but be honest mate thats an excuse being used to come out with the sort of speeches that have sounded like he copied them from original German drafts from somewhere around 1930 ish.

Traitor in the White house, love that sort of thing strikes me that some of the most vociferous defenders of freedom and democracy, don't like the process when someone they disagree with is voted in democratically.

A word of advice. When you use juvenile and derogatory tactics like rewriting someone's name (RayGun) you negate any chance of being taken seriously by intelligent people. ;-/

So anyway go on about traitors in the White house again. :)

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