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Re: I don't get the thinking at Mozilla.

> Plus the reason people usually use Firefox is that they don't like Chrome. But Mozilla just want to turn Firefox...into Chrome.

Yeah, that's part of it. Another *significant* reason is that GoogleChrome tends to bring my system to a standstill (and that's on a Linux box, where applications should never have the ability to kill the OS itself). Chrome must want to be the only app running on a system, because as soon as it starts, nothing else will run. And on MSWin? I found on *multiple* machines (and multiple MSWin versions) that, even if you were to set the home/default page to a *completely blank* local HTML page, the browser would barf on loading that page, or just crash altogether.

Yeah, TB is significantly more important to me than FF. Maybe the LibreOffice folks can take it and clean it up from all the MozillaSuck it's weighed down with.

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