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Schools can only withdraw a child on the grounds of disability, whether this is physical or psychological. Each instance must be justified by the principal. Students sometimes do have meltdowns about the test and schools are free to withdraw any child for whom there are good grounds for believing that they may suffer undue stress from doing the test.

Parental withdrawals have in some states been showing an increase, so there is some evidence for either an increased awareness by parents of their right to withdraw, or perhaps of more parents having reservations about the test where their child is concerned.

Withdrawing children is not a simple issue as absence of NAPLAN scores can affect assessments of applications to selective-entry schools, for example. A lot of the heat about the test has come from the way the media jumps on each year's results and looks for evidence of systemic failure. Early on they wanted to create 'league tables' of schools, again to highlight what they see as underperforming schools. It is a pity that the press have decided to use NAPLAN results in this way because it was intended to help schools and students by measuring against a common benchmark. Had the stakes not been so ludicrously raised as a result of the press wanting to use NAPLAN results demonise schools, it might have been possible to make the appropriate use of it - as just another view of each child's performance to give some sense of balance amongst all the other pieces of information.

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