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(*)When replying I wanted to pull my address out of the original header and use it as the 'reply to' address in the new email. That's because all my contacts get their own address. At the time I couldn't see how to get TB to do that.

Isn't that in the account settings, "Manage identities?". If you have an alias set for an account there, TB will automatically use the matching reply-to when you respond. If you don't set it, you get the core email address for the account. I use it for generic incoming addresses like "info@".

It depends a bit how far we get next year, otherwise I may actually get involved in taking TB off Mozilla myself. TB is IMHO *FAR* more important than FF - we're not short of browsers as far as I can tell, but a decent, reliable email client that doesn't hang you out to dry is still hard to find.

TB may not be as shiny as its alternatives (and no, I don't consider "themes" an UI improvement, but I prefer clunky and brutally functional over flashy and useless any day.

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