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The experts which you could find if you were not so lazy... include the German motor authority KBA and independent ICE engineers who have examined the VW 3.0L V-6 Diesel engines and found they do not contain a defeat device nor illegal software code. The spinning is being done by many in the media who have failed to report all the facts and who conspire to promote a mob mentality over a trivial exhaust emissions violation. Statistically the excess exhaust emissions by all of the VW Diesel engines world wide doesn't amount to a tangible quantity of pollutant.

For reference clean Diesel HD trucks in the U.S. out number Diesel powered cars by a factor of at least 4. These trucks which are the cleanest in the world due to U.S. EPA regulations emit at a minimum, 140 times the volume of exhaust emissions annually compared to all Diesel powered passenger vehicles on the roadways of the U.S. Just one year's legal exhaust emissions from clean Diesel trucks in the U.S., which truly are clean, is magnitudes greater than all Diesel passenger cars combined world wide.

The big brouhaha over the minute excess exhaust emissions is absurd. Update the software, fine VW appropriately, investigate other auto makers and get on with life. The intent of the EPA to persecute VW for such a trivial issue is appalling, IMO and detrimental to millions of auto employees, consumers, car distributors, parts suppliers, etc. Everyone associated with VW will be negatively impacted by the excessive and vindictive actions of the EPA.

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