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Officially the answer is that it isn't a British Standard, it is the DECC SMETS standards. SMETS2 is supposedly the defintitive version and was ISTR finally agreed about November 2014. Some non-compliant meters can be upgraded in firmware, some can't, and all those will need to be upgraded to, or replaced with SMETS2 compliant meters.

Even with a compliant meter, they can't force you to have one operating in smart meter mode. They can in theory (since it is their meter) replace the asset without your consent and run it in dumb mode, although even that is next to impossible because safety rules mean they have to have access to the consumer side electrics, and if you're not willing to be in, or not willing to have supply interrupted then they can't do it.

Eventually the bureaucrats at DECC will have you on a smart meter, whether you like it or not, because you don't have an option to have a pre-existing meter removed or deactivated. Most of the population will take the pill and swallow it, and when the anti-smart meter types move house their chances of avoiding a meter are greatly reduced.

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