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Curious answers

“People call me Jesus because I have long hair and save them from IT issues.”

Nope, balding and beardy

“We are treated like wizards”

More like witches - ritually drowned, burned or beheaded on a regular basis

“Everybody loves me”

Everybody hates me :(

“I am seen like a god and treated incredibly well”

What planet are you on?

“I am a hero or villain, sometimes both at the same time.”

Hmm, I think hero is a bit strong

“I’m either ‘Mr fix It’ or ‘he’s the one that broke it’”

Yes, this.

“My boss always blames me when something breaks.”

Emphatically this!

Also, no-one realises how much you do, until you're not there. The last three holidays I've been rung up or emailed for some stupid question, the answer to which was already well documented.

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