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Belkin's N150 router is perfect for learning hacking skills – wait, what, it's in production?

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Belkin is crap, and always has been

"security through obscurity seems my last line of defence"

Seeing as the more obscure routers are probably based on standard components and software, it's quite possible they're vulnerable anyway, at least to attacks that are automated and/or probe the vulnerabilities of products.

Anyway, yeah, Belkin is crap and has been for a long time.

Remember that many years ago they were an early and enthusiastic adopter of the now-widespread practice of spamming users (i.e. *buyers*) of their routers with unwanted advertisements.

More recently, my boss had another of their routers, and while it had a very attractive and useful-looking LCD status panel on the front, it was a useless, unusable POS that was eventually returned. I can still remember one Amazon review which described it as being less stable than "a caffeine-snorting spider monkey".

Personally, I bought an "SVGA" cable from them around five or six years ago, and it exhibited *very* obvious ringing at 1024x768/85Hz (pretty average at the time) which wasn't present when using the several-years-older cable that came with my KVM (ironically, also a Belkin). As I noted in my review "I'm not sure what resolutions and refresh rates this cable *is* suitable for use with. It sure as heck isn't anything that most people have used since the 1990s."

Belkin's description now includes the final-line disclaimer that it "will only work on monitors smaller than 17 inches". (Mine was 17 inches and I bet the artifacts would still have been visible at 15). I doubt that market was worth specifically bothering with even circa 2010, sounds like a p**s-poor excuse to justify a cable that was so poor it couldn't even handle the most MOR of (then) present-day refresh rates you'd have expected from even a bog-standard no-name lead.

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