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I don't think anybody thinks teachers only work while in class. We all know that they have lots of planning and marking to do, because every single teacher feels the need to constantly remind us of the fact.

Those of us who are somewhat less sympathetic would tend to point at the fact that they knew this when they took the job, and they still know it now that they are doing the job, and are entirely within their rights to leave, but they don't. OK, I know lots of teachers do leave, but those who are still teaching but complaining about it clearly aren't leaving. Evidently something about the job (the feeling of pride when little Johnny finally learns to count past 3?) makes the cost/benefit decision mean it's worth staying, for that particular person. Exactly the same way everyone else decides whether or not to stay in their job, in every other walk of life.

Of course, the fact that I've already started seeing my teacher friends on Facebook smugly counting down until their 2 week Christmas holiday, while I have to count myself lucky if I get to leave a bit early on Christmas eve doesn't help me feel any more sympathetic.

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