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>>"The episode was entertaining for sure but definitely not great. The major problem with this one is that it has giant problems sitting in plain sight. If the creature stops whenever the doctor speaks a truth which has never been spoken before then saying that he's scared during the second run wouldn't have worked anymore. So eventually the doctor would have run out of truths to tell."

That rather depends on whether the creature is comparing it to things that it already knows or if it works of a simple principle of whether the subject still has things to confess.

IF true == subject.confession() {



} ELSE {



The latter is actually more logical as it's not going to know if what the subject tells is some profound confession or the price of tea. It must have some method of determining such from the subject itself. So the IF...ELSE is the more likely scenario. You simply haven't thought this through.

>>"And there's also the problem about resetting rooms which apparently clean up dropped flowers, fill up dirt holes yet still leaves writing in the sand completely alone"

It's made clear that the rooms only reset after a period of time. So iterations of the Doctor can and would see elements left behind by his predecessor, e.g. the writing, the wet clothes... Remember, it is NOT a time loop, it's one sequential process with the Doctor being recreated over and over in normal time.

>>"It was entertaining, yes, but there were too many illogical twists kept in plain sight for me."

The episode itself actually suggests the answers you think are illogical.

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