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As usual The Inkwell spins the story for maximum $$$ effect

As the editor of this story was advised weeks ago but refused to print, the 3.0L VW/Audi/Porsche V-6 Diesel engine was cleared by the German motor authority KBA of any illegal "defeat device" or improper software after an extensive investigation. (NOTE: The KBA is conducting an extensive investigation into all VW gas and Diesel engines and has currently mandated a 2.4 million car recall to fix emissions software issues on the EA 189 series four cyl. Diesel engines).

The U.S. EPA was informed that there were no violations in the V-6 3.0L Diesel engine early on. The EPA however rushed to judgment and a week after announcing that the EA 189 series four cyl. engines had a "defeat device" and illegal test detection code, the EPA made headlines by claiming the VW/Audi/Porsche 3.0L V-6 Diesel engine also contain a "defeat device". (It does NOT and the EPA website proves this by their own definition of a defeat device). When it was explained to the EPA that what they deemed to be a "defeat device" was in fact a high temp CAT cleaning cycled used by many Diesel car makers and that it is completely legal, the EPA was dumbfounded. With the EPA not being able to recognize a std. industry CAT cleaning cycle - which by the way lowers exhaust emissions lower than required, (a good thing), the EPA had to now explain how they could get it so wrong on the VW/Audi/Porsche 3.0K V-6 Diesel engine - even after VW/Audi explained to the EPA folks how the emissions system functions. The engine appears to function properly and to be compliant with EPA emissions regulations according to knowledgeable industry experts and independent regulators.

The EPA is like God when it comes to enforcement of emissions regs in the U.S. As such they do not want to be viewed as incompetent or political when many in industry feel they are both. As such if VW were to admit to violations of the EPA regs on the 3.0L V-6 Diesel engines even when the engines actually meet all emissions regs and do not contain a "defeat device", the EPA could save face and VW could probably save billions in fines from the EPA. Do you see what is possible here?

So even though the EA 189 four cyl. Diesel engine's excessive NOx was not a big deal at all to the environment, (HD vehicles are allowed over twice the emissions of "lightweight" U.S. vehicles, less than 8,500 gross pounds and there are many times more HD Diesel powered vehicles in the U.S. than autos), the EPA/CARB and media have painted a distorted picture that the slight excessive emissions was some how the most grievous evil known to man. Think $$$$ for the EPA, siren chasers, disgruntled VW owner's, etc. as they all line up to cash in on the unacceptable programming violations of a few engineers and programmers at VW who violated law by writing improper ECU code in the four cyl. but NOT in the 3.0L V-6 Diesel engines.

The bottom line is the excessive exhaust emissions on any of the modern clean Diesel VW engines is trivial and far lower than clean Diesel engine trucks have been allowed and continue to emit. The reason being that there is no real justification for the obsessively low NOx and CO emissions that are being forced on Diesel auto owners. The intent in the U.S. is to sell electric vehicles (EVs), and prevent consumption of far more practical and cost effective clean Diesel autos as used by the rest of the world. The POT Head of the U.S., POTUS has made it his mission to fleece tax payers and fill the bank accounts of some pretty unscrupulous characters is the push to sell EVs at any cost to consumers and tax payers such as with $7,500 tax credits and other incentives.

The auto companies have no choice but to go along with this insane decree by the POT head as the EPA and said POTUS have decreed that all auto makers selling autos in the U.S. from 2015 onward must meet a absurd 54.5 mpg CAFE in the EPA mpg test. Few engines will ever be able to meet this unreasonable and impractical decree pulled from the orifice of the POT head. As such an auto buyer's world is going to turn upside down as the EU wants to impose a similar misguided mpg mandate. The U.S. 54.5 mpg CAFE is currently raising car sticker prices by thousands of dollars per year to work towards compliance of a outrageous mpg decree that has no basis in science, what so ever. If you want the truth on this deception do a web search and read what experts say.

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