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I wonder how many people have actually solved the cube?

Doing a cube fast is an impressive feat of dexterity and memory. But it's only dexterity and memory. Is it really that big a deal that a fourteen-year-old can do it in five seconds? I wonder if he actually solved the cube himself, as opposed to finding out how it was done on the internet?

The vast majority of people I know who can do the cube have not actually solved it - they were just taught. In my day, it was via a photocopied crib sheet or a book; nowadays, it's on the internet.

I solved the cube - I actually solved it, from scratch, without recourse to help of any kind - back in 1981. It took me about three months. And yes, I found it useful to dismantle the cube and rebuild it. The algorithms I worked out are not efficient - but because I worked them out myself, they are well and truly stuck in my mind. I can still pick up a cube and do it. Normally takes me about five minutes.

So, I wonder how many people world-wide have actually solved the cube, rather than just learned how to do it from some other source? I wouldn't be surprised if it's a few thousand at most.

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