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Yes, and there are many, many other ways in which to do that in that scenario. This is why high-profile people tend to have high-profile security measures, often including their families.

Personally I wish Vulture Central would become a bit more ...resistant.. to publishing "Security!!" stories, or at least be more critical about the next release from the tinfoil hat brigade.

Security is important, but most readers here will probably be aware of the fact that anything made up of electronics and programming is ultimately hackable, under the right set of circumstances. And quite often, the "articles" , often rehacked press releases nowadays, gloss over the fact that the Next Scare really isn't all that practical, or even likely.

There's a bit of a Publish or Perish race going on in the Security business, and, pardon my french, every damn geek OCD tinfoil hatter is looking for his 5 Minutes of Fame, because the issue is "hot" at the moment. And quite a lot of the guff published about it contains "could", "would", "possibly", and "under the right conditions" , and ever more frequently the dreaded "leverage(ing)" which shows who the article really is aimed at: the Boss, instead of the BOFH.

And the latter....saddens.. me.

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