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This happens a lot more regularly, at least to me.

A hotel in Bath I stayed at in 2011 apparently removed me from their list (after they sent out spam with all recipients in the TO list FFS). Then the hotel changes hands earlier this year and the spams start again. The new owners were introduced to a diverse array of four letter words when I asked them why...

Halfrauds. Placed one order with them 18 months ago. Unsubscribed from the emails which started despite not unticking the box to not be unsubscribed from their don't email me list. Then emails start again last week for Black Friday.

Oakley. Nothing from them for years then last week I start getting emails about their deals on Black Fucking Friday and Cyber Sodding Monday.

As with you - I now issue unique email addresses which get deleted when the spam starts up.

Shits all of them. Icon - bonfire of marketers.

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