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Mmm, I just don't get it

When I say that, it's a reference to Dr Who in general. What is so good about these shows? Why do they attract almost universal praise (same applies to Adele while we're at it, but then again I'm not a middle aged divorcee or 14 year old girl, so why would I get Adele?)

The most recent incarnations of Dr Who (the last 10 years), or at any rate the ones that Ive been forced to watch before we acquired a second Sky box, just seem shallow. Aliens intent on destroying humanity, the good Dr uses Dawkins-like logic and time travel to save us. That's is. Add the occasional love interest, family feud, and off we go.

Also, for someone able to transverse time and space at will, he does seem very fond of suburban London in the very recent past. But then again, recent incarnations were seemingly fixated with abandoned quarries, in the mid 1970s. Or abandoned shopping malls, in the 1970s.

Still, lots of people like it, which is a guarantee of quality. I guess.

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