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Doctor Who: The Hybrid finally reveals itself in the epic Heaven Sent

Chris Daemon

Myst - Well Done

Delightful episode, great visuals. I wonder if the explanations are so damn long for time reasons or so that granny understands the plot? That is the only real thing wrong with it - and that's good. Capaldi delivered, both visually and especially vocally.

So, why again do I care about the Hybrid Thingy? The doctor will win, the Daleks will be decimated... with a clever twist. Missy should be in the mix, River could be in the mix, perhaps a side of UNIT. There'll be a surprise failsafe for an outlandish, yet fully anticipated scenario. It'll be... fun.

"without a human companion by his side, anything can happen" - That never stopped anything from happening. Only difference, he has to talk more to himself than to Miss Explanation/Companion Cube.

I've come to terms with DW: No information about the Doctor will be disclosed (name, actual age, etc), and if so, it may be wrong or a lie or something. His big enemies never really die or get defeated (Daleks, Cybermen, The Master, etc), that won't change anytime soon. It's just a show, not a religion.

Oh: EPISODE, not ep! You are not saving time by calling it "ep", you brit ;)

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