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Doctor Who: The Hybrid finally reveals itself in the epic Heaven Sent

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That's more like it.

When I saw the castle walls rotate and the rooms numbered, I thought, "Groan! A Cube knockoff.

But no, that was a cracker. OK, some of the tropes have been used before, but Capaldi was excellent. Plus, it's always good to see Gallifrey* make an appearance. I too spotted some Tom Bakerisms and could have sworn I heard his great sonorous voice at one point.

Looking forward to next week's episode.

On a personal note, does anyone else's life feel a bit like the Doctor-in-the-castle's at times?

* The actors who play the Gallifreyans must curse the Beeb costume designer who came up with those daft outfits. "I'll just look around to see what's happening. Oh no - I can't".

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