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>>"PS I also loved the line "I'm nothing without an audience" with a quick break of the fourth wall as Capaldi glances towards the camera and us :-)"

Actually, that is the one moment in the episode that I really hated. I loathe arch little asides to the audience. The writer thinks they're being clever exactly when they're not.

Other than that, a great episode for me. I guessed early on that he was inside the Confession Dial in some manner. "I am in 12" and the way the rooms jumble around was a fairly straight-forward reference to his different incarnations which leant support to the Confession Dial theory. But I couldn't work out what "bird" meant until I heard the whole "bird / eternity" fable and I didn't see the wearing away of the diamond until you were pretty much meant to be working it out. Episodes where I can't work out what is happening but it all makes sense with hindsight (as opposed to some episodes where you can't work out what's happening just because the writer throws in random changes to the scenario to get out of the corner they've put themselves in), our my favourite types of episodes.

I'm sorry to see Clara go as she's one of my favourite characters. But I like the way they gave her. Great episode.

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