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Not sure where your geology "degree" came from, but if it locates Atlantis in Antarctica I would not surprised if it came in the mail. The "magnetic" reversals are just that, reversals of the magnetic field, not of the entire physical planet. If you simply consider minor physical laws like conservation of intertia and agular momentum and such, it is pretty clear that if a magnetic reversal involved planetary acrobatics, life would not exist. Neither would the planet probably. If it did, it would probably look a lot like Venus.

As it is, the magnetic field takes "excursions" occasionally as well as "flipping,m" and the event 10,000 years ago or so was an "excursion" rather than a full blown inversion. If you like science fiction, try reading Keith Laumer's "The Breaking Earth" which is based on the idea of the actual physical tumbling of the planetary gyros during a magnetic reversal. Laumer took it easy on the physical effects - i.e. the catastrophic picture he presents is no where near as bad as a real event would have been. It is also the only book I known that even hints that an Atlantis-like civilization existed on Antarctica. Are you sure your geology proph didn't have you read that novel?

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