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Pardon the pun, but I have to wonder why Piech comes out smelling like a rose in all this.

He was the one obsessed with making VW number one, no matter what the cost.

Having said that, the idiotic EPA (sorry guys and gals, it's MY WATER if it falls on my property) and the equally idiotic greens in Brussels are, as usual, not thinking about reality, feasibility, or economic solutions to these issues. The ADAC (similar to AA or AAA) here in Germany had an article a year or so ago describing the many, many problems in getting both gas and diesel motors to "obey" the EU6 standards.

Another costly solution to a non-existent problem. NOx can be dealt with at the cost of fuel efficiency, but the EPA and Brussels/greens will have none of it, as they want it all.

Before long, they'll force us back to the horse and buggy days. Then we'll not only have to deal with the BS coming out of Brussels and other government "outlets", well have it piled knee-deep in the streets, and exiting, from time to time, the propulsion power in front of us. And that's only 1HP...

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