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>Like a normal person with actual sense, use de-icer.

No an intelligent person will simply scrap the ice off, leaving a dry external windscreen - thereby minimising the potential for re-freezing due to wind chill.

The real problem is grease and muck, particularly on the internal surface of the windscreen, which will mist up as it captures moisture, until it has warmed up. Hence why in winter it is always good to regularly clean both sides (of all windows and mirrors) with vinegar in water then dry and polish with scrunched up newspaper (black ink is better than coloured inks) - a task best done when the car is warm and temperatures are above freezing - ie. do it the previous evening when you park up for the night. If temperatures are at freezing or below, simply use neat white spirit on a rag...

Interesting, like others over the years I've used: de-icer spray, ice prevention coatings/sprays, windscreen covers and tepid water and found them all wanting. Also none address the interior windscreen problem.

So I've ended up using the above described method combined with a Ford heated windscreen, for the last 12 years...

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