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My current pet hate

is the numerous calls telling me that all UK C/H boilers "must" be upgraded to be energy efficient by sometime in 2016. Now that may well be the point at which grants for replacements may cease to be available, but "must"? IANAL but to me that claim is simply fraudulent, as it implies a legal requirement to replace a working boiler. Needless to say pressing "9" to be removed from the company's list is ineffective, unless of course a number of different companies are using esactly the same recorded message, which is of course entirely possible.

I haven't the courage to press whatever number to "sign up" because it is all too likely to result in a barrage of other calls I don't want. Given that the total number of unwanted sales calls (including the slient ones) doers not seem to have diminished it is hard to avoid the conclusion that the ICOs efforts - such as they are - are wholly unsuccessful. So many of the numbers from which calls are made (where there are numbers disclosed) are either overseas or clearly spoofed, so I am at a loss to know how to even report them with any chance of the ICO being able to trace them even if he/they/it could be bothered to do so.

As an aside (i.e. OT!) we don't want a more efficient boiler as it all likelihood it would require a complete rebuilding of the C/H system, and no grant is going to cover that. Simple mathematics point to the conclusion that any saving in gas would take too long to recover the money spent up front, or in other words we might not live long enough to see any financial benefit; three score years and ten beckon...

Apart from that modern boilers have a reputation for not being all that long - lived themselves. :(

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