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This is indeed the problem and the reason I switched to Chrome. But then Chrome pulled NPAPI support, which broke all my web interface management pages for stuff like VMware, Solarwinds, iDRAC, Cisco stuff etc. Not to mention all the sites that still enforce NPAPI.

So I went back to Firefox, but am getting pissed off again at its slowness. Its really fucking slow these days!!

Then something that I didnt think would impress me, impressed me; Microsoft Edge.

Running a side-by-side comparison, Firefox is a bloated beast, even on my SSD Windows 10 gaming rig (which is v. highly specced) it took about 5-10 seconds to show my homepage. Edge took 0.5 seconds consistently.

And then there's how Firefox handles Flash. What a joke. Every 5 minutes whenever I flick through Facebook, hangs for at least 30 seconds while it does god only knows what with the Flash plugin.

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