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> Dropping XUL and NPAPI were definitely sensible technical decisions.

NPAPI maybe (still make heavy use of it myself at work), but I have to disagree on XUL because, as yet, I don't think there's a real alternative for extensions to modify the UI. For me and a great many other users this is A Big Deal because extensions that modify the UI such as TabMixPlus are the sole reason we stick with FF or FF-based browsers (Pale Moon user myself).

Take that away and you're left with a) only having GUI functionality that's built into the browser natively [and we've already seen how gung-ho some people are to remove every possible choice in the name of simplicity] and b) considerably more limited extensions, at which point I refer to Dave K's concise summation:

> Mozilla are hell bent on turning Firefox from a powerful, flexible and customisable browser into a pointless and irrelevant clone of Chrome, and it's very sad to see.

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