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... of pretty much every browser that comes down the chute. Originally due to living the first stirrings of the WWW, then beta-testing, now I just like to try something different. So, with the exception of Microsoft's Edge, I agree with ya'll about the what and likely the why things have happened this way. What I think the Mozilla team was attempting to do by adapting FireFox into the next Chrome is capturing more of the Google wealth that they saw going into Google's coffers.

For now, I'm using Palemoon (x64) since the very first x64 edition. That's the singular reason I dropped the hammer. Memory is most definitely not a problem here. Leaning into Vivaldi, gradually seeing what tweaks do what. [Page Actions, right of center on bottom is seriously useful in some contexts!] Then again, this is the Opera team back on form. I loved them in their heydey. I love them again. PlugIns is where it'll make or break for most denizens of the WWW. Me, I like clean and fast.

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